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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions for Chauffeur Positions 

Who are Carey England?

Carey Chauffeured Services was founded in 1921 in New York and provide ground transportation services in over 1,000 cities across the globe (covering 75 countries). Carey England Ltd was formed in 1995. Carey England is a subsidiary of and wholly owned by Carey International.

How many days will I work?

At Carey Chauffeured Services you have a choice between working full time or part time.

Full time

All full time chauffeurs are subject to booking their shifts on the in-house scheduling system. The number of days full time employees are required to work depends on the demands for a particular month and varies between 23 to 25 days per month.

To ensure the Health and Safety of staff and clients, Carey restrict the number of days a week a chauffeur can work to 6 days. The number of hours a chauffeur can work per week is restricted to 72 hours.

Part time

Carey also recruit chauffeurs to work on a part time basis (between 2 to 5 days).

What are the timings of each shift?

Carey require chauffeurs for the morning and afternoon shifts. The morning shift consists of 4am, 5am or 6am start. The afternoon shifts start from 11am, 12pm and 1pm. Each shift lasts 10 hours.

Which days are the busiest?

Thursday to Monday are the high demand days.

Will I be expected to work outside my shift?

Yes, dependant on the demands of the business. For example, if you are on a 6am shift. You may be given a job with an earlier pick up time. Likewise, you may receive a job that goes beyond your shift.

Can I work after my shift ends?

Chauffeurs can choose to work longer hours (as long as they do not go over 72 hours per week) and make themselves available after their normal shift finishes.

How are jobs allocated?

You will receive your jobs on the company iphone the day before. Dispatch will endeavour to start and end your day as close to your home address as possible. This depends on what jobs are available on your shift.

Will I be picking up from clubs and pubs?

Our clientele consists of mainly blue chip companies. We do not operate on the clubs and pubs circuits.

Am I allowed to accept gratuity (Tips)?

Chauffeurs may accept gratuity but must never prompt a passenger to offer anything. Some of the accounts have gratuity paid in the form of a service charge (between 10 to 15%). All of the service charge is paid to the chauffeur.

Will I be paid cash?

All Carey jobs are account jobs. We would only pay into a UK bank or building society account which is in your name. Payments can only be made in Pound Sterling.

Will I be Employed (PAYE) or Self Employed?

All Carey chauffeurs are employed and work on a ‘Pay As You Earn’ basis (Income tax and National Insurance are deducted at source).

Owner drivers who work on a Self Employed basis and conform to our standards are able to bid for jobs on the Carey platform.

We do have some options available on our Embarque service (sister company) for individuals who wish to work on the ‘Prius circuit’. Prius Plus vehicles are available for hire. Please call or email for further details.

How often will I be paid?

All chauffeurs are paid fortnightly, 2 weeks in arrears.

How is pay calculated?

You are paid for each job you complete. There are 2 types of payments; agreed rates and commission based payments. This will be explained in detail during the interview.

Do I get paid for time off (Holidays)?

You are entitled to 28 days paid holiday – that includes bank holidays (based on pro rata when you join the company).

Do I have to pay towards the car?

Carey owns all of the vehicles in our fleet and the company is responsible for all aspects relating to the vehicle including; servicing, maintenance, MOT, vehicle PCO, fuel and tyres. NB. Please see insurance bond.

What is the Insurance Bond?

Most companies require a deposit from the drivers. At Carey, we deduct £25 from your fortnightly pay and this amount is kept as an Insurance Bond until it reaches the amount of £500.  This acts as a deposit against any damage to the vehicle or in the event of an accident (where we are unable to claim off a third party). This is refunded (less any deductions which may be due) upon leaving the company.

Can I use the company vehicle for personal use?

The personal use of any company vehicle is strictly prohibited and is deemed to be gross misconduct.

Am I required to wear a uniform?

All Carey chauffeurs are required to wear plain black suit, white shirt (or blouse for ladies), black formal shoes and a Carey tie (ladies may wear a Carey scarf). We provide you with a uniform after 6 months of service. For the first 6 months, new chauffeurs may wear plain black, navy or charcoal coloured suits.

As a chauffeur, what are my responsibilities?

We require all of our chauffeurs to adhere to the Carey core standards at all times. This includes personal presentation, punctuality, presentation of the vehicle, and the quality of service – transporting business class passengers in a safe and efficient manner. Carey chauffeurs are always willing to go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction.

What are the benefits of working for Carey?

Ready to apply?

To apply or for further information, please contact Andrew Kent on:

Tel: 020 326 7652 



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